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Every other day, we hear about cars that give off less pollution. To get rid of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, governments around the world are giving money to electric vehicles. Tires aren’t any different. Tire makers are working around the clock to make tyres with low rolling resistance. More importantly, they are using materials that are good for the environment.

The reason for these changes is the disaster that is coming because of climate change. Research shows that if we don’t change, we will definitely end up in a disaster. So, it’s best for everyone to do their part. When it comes to cars, drivers must act in a responsible way. This article will explain in more detail how eco-driving can help car owners fight climate change. Let us start.


Here are the best ways to drive green:

Drive Light

In different articles, we’ve gone into more detail about how heavy loads increase rolling resistance and lower fuel efficiency. So, to avoid this, we suggest that you travel as lightly as possible. Don’t bring extra things with you when you travel. If you put a roof rack on your car, keep in mind that it could cut your gas mileage by 20%.

Use Quality Fuel

Some countries have more than one kind of fuel. Choose the one with the best quality to save money on gas. Problems with the engine can also be avoided by using high-quality fuel.

Maintain Recommended Air Pressure

We’ve talked a lot about how important it is to always keep the right air pressure. We won’t talk about it anymore. All you need to know is that a tyre with too little air pressure rolls more slowly and is more likely to blow out. So, if you want to help fight climate change, you should always keep the air pressure at the right level.

Avoid Brakes

Don’t hit the brakes over and over. Drive at a steady pace instead. Put your foot off the gas if you need to slow down. Pressing the brakes over and over again can waste gas and wear out the brake pads. Changing the brake pads before they need to be changed is not a good way to protect the environment.

Turn off the Engine

Please don’t keep the engine running while it’s just sitting there. Instead, turn it off or put it in neutral. It will make cars use less gas. So, you can save money on gas and help the earth at the same time.

Use Fuel-Saving Tires

Several tyres get good gas mileage. How? They have little trouble rolling. So, use tyres that save fuel.

Avoid Using too Much Air Conditioning

There’s no doubt that in the summer, the heat in the UAE and other places can be unbearable. So it seems like the only way to cool down is to turn on the air conditioning. But try not to use the AC too much. Instead, you can put window tints on the windows to keep the sun from shining in and park the car in the shade. Tinted windows are a great way to keep the cabin cooler and give you a lot of privacy.

Go Electric or At Least Hybrid

There is no doubt that ICE vehicles are bad for the environment. Because of this, you should choose electric cars. If you can’t afford one, choose a hybrid instead. It will help you do what you can to save the environment.

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