December 7, 2022

The CCGS Amundsen has been a major catalyst in revitalizing Canadian Arctic science by giving Canadian researchers and their international collaborators unprecedented access to the Arctic Ocean. (CNW Group/ArcticNet)

The global provider of complete connectivity is Norstrat. Additionally, it provides services for geospatial analysis and strategic consulting. Whatever your business’s requirements, it will be able to offer you a solution. You can read more about the company’s services in this article.

Norstrat is a global provider of comprehensive connectivity

When Norstrat first started, it had just one office, in Ontario, Canada. The business now offers complete connectivity solutions on a global scale. The business enjoys close ties to the armed forces, police, and defense industries. The business is known for being creative and providing a variety of solutions to its customers.

Canadian company Norstrat has a wide range of customers. The business initially operated on a small scale with just one department, but it has since grown to include services for the United States.

Additionally, Norstrat offers a wide range of customer-focused services, such as search engine optimization, web design, and e-commerce strategy. Norstrat also provides exhibition exchanges, telecommunications, advertising, and government initiatives. Norstrat, a company founded by veterans, has collaborated with some of the biggest corporations in the world.

It provides strategic consulting services

Norstrat provides strategic consulting services to assist businesses in achieving their objectives and maximizing their use of technology. The business serves a wide range of clients, including Fortune 100 corporations and smaller startups in various industries.

They provide specialized solutions that will increase the productivity of your company, and they can support you in keeping an eye on your rivals so you can strengthen your online presence. The large staff at Norstrat will make sure you get a high-quality product.

Norstrat has a strong background in marketing, branding, and public relations. Its consultants work with businesses at all levels, from marketing teams to C-level executives. They can assess current marketing strategies and create fresh ones for their customers. Their consulting services are adaptable, and they can deliver them internally or outsource some of the work.

It offers a voicemail service

Businesses can use the automated voicemail service provided by Norstar. Businesses can combine multiple phone lines and centralize call management using this service. Businesses benefit from lower overall communications costs and the creation of standardized reports across the board. To direct callers to the appropriate party, the voicemail service also has an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This system is capable of sending messages that are both general and customized.

Additionally, Norstar Voice Mail has automated attendant features. Up to 1,000 mailboxes can be handled by this service. It is made to be completely integrated with the business communications system from Norstar.

Auto Attendant, single-digit dialing, Cascading Off-Premise Message Notifications, and other features are also included. A user-friendly LCD window is included with Norstar Voicemail to help users navigate the system’s numerous features.

It offers geospatial analysis

Norstrat is a Canadian business with locations there. Its members offer a range of geospatial analysis services and have different industry specialties. Additionally, the business has several connections with various federal departments and agencies and upholds close ties with the federal government. To fulfill its client’s needs, its multidisciplinary team collaborates closely with them.

Its consultants have a wide range of experience and are highly trained. They are also knowledgeable about current technology. They are an invaluable partner for any organization due to their pragmatic outlook on business and steadfast commitment to clients’ success. The consulting services and training programs that Norstrat offers are advantageous to businesses of all sizes. Businesses that specialize in a particular niche benefit most from Norstrat’s consulting services.

It helps clients build the required northern structure

Norstrat is a consulting company that assists its customers in the construction of necessary infrastructure in the North. It collaborates with customers to design and carry out a wide variety of projects, including the building of infrastructure, communications, restriction systems, physical security, and housing, among others. Additionally, the company is involved in projects that are geared toward the development of infrastructure that will support Canada’s Northern Strategy.

The strategy that Norstrat employs is all-encompassing and can be adapted to suit the requirements of any individual customer. Because of the extensive network of professional partners and consulting teams that the company maintains, it can provide individualized services.

The team can obtain assistance with a wide variety of project requirements because they have access to the most qualified industry professionals. This organization has a proven record of accomplishment, and some of the projects it has worked on in the past include the BAPS Iceberg Tracking System, the IDIAS Ocean Ice Mapping Device, and the MCOIN III Recognized maritime photosystem.

The headquarters of Norstrat are located in Canada, but the company also has locations across both the United States and Canada. Norstrat is one of the most successful telecommunications companies in Canada. The company was established in 1885. The company was started by Lee Carson, who has since been honored with the Order of the British Empire and given the position of Principal Consultant at the Department of National Resources in Canada.

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