December 2, 2022
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Tires may be the single most critical piece of safety equipment on our cars, and cars are a significant part of our lives. We want our automobile tyres to last as long as possible, perform reliably, and cause us minimal inconvenience. To achieve these goals, we must select a set that is both suitable for our car and its requirements and suitable for our driving habits and the climate in which we frequently engage in such activities.

There is a lot of overlap between the tyre options for various body styles of coupes, sedans, and hatchbacks. Types of traction and treadwear are available that are better suited to smaller, more maneuverable vehicles than the larger trucks and sport utility vehicles now on the market.

Find out which tyre makes and models are now the most popular by reading this article (including sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, coupes, and convertibles). The winners of the Best Tires Golden Wrench Awards were determined using a variety of criteria, including objective measurements and the opinions of professional mechanics as documented in their files. The winners in the automobile division are as follows.

1. Michelin CrossClimate2

Due to its unique construction and temperature-adaptable all-season tread compound, the CrossClimate2 is our Golden Wrench winner and a top pick for the best car tyre. Superior dry, wet, and winter performance are provided by this design.

2. Continental PureContact LS

Continental’s PureContact LS tied for first place because of its high rating, quick steering response, and reliable traction in wet, dry, and wintry conditions.

3. Yokohama AVID Ascend GT

A Golden Wrench was also awarded to the AVID Ascend GT. In dry, rainy, and wintry conditions, including light snow, it is renowned for its reliable grip.

4. Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

Our research revealed that the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack was the best all-around tyre since it reduced road noise, had a sizable tread life, and performed well in both wet and dry conditions.

5. Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II

The asymmetric tread pattern on the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II contributes to the vehicle’s excellent handling, fuel efficiency, and improved grip in slick weather.

Car Talk’s Methodology

Over 30 different factors were used to determine where each tyre on this list finally landed.

  • Consumer Satisfaction: Consumer feedback regarding their experiences with specific tyre models from each of these brands was collected.
  • Industry Professionals: Researchers from Car Talk polled more than 800 mechanics and industry professionals throughout the country to get their thoughts.
  • Government Reporting: statistics for durability and safety.
  • Tire Quality and Engineering: An individual’s choice of tyre brand was affected by the tire’s overall quality and the level of engineering or ingenuity that went into its production.
  • Performance: Car Talk examined the performance of tyres from these specific brands in various weather scenarios.

The Best Tires for Your Car/Sedan

Michelin CrossClimate

Michelin’s CrossClimate series is a set of tyres designed for use in cars, SUVs, and trucks that are intended to be driven in all types of weather. Michelin’s Thermal Adaptive tread design, featured on the CrossClimate 2 for automobiles, is made to channel water away from the surface touching the rubber and deliver optimal traction in any climate. The CrossClimate series is easily distinguished by its distinctive tread design.

  • All-weather traction
  • Noise reduction on the road
  • Available sizes: 16” – 17” from 205/45 to 235/65

Continental PureContact LS

The PureContact series from Continental is a line of Grand Touring tyres designed exclusively for all-season use. Although this series has been around for a while, the most recent iteration includes significant upgrades because of advances in material technology. Temperature-activated polymers in the tread compound are among the most intriguing of these since they alter how the tread reacts to the road based on the temperature of the road’s surface.

  • Traction-enhancing Silane and sipes
  • Evolutionary design for single ply
  • Available sizes: 16” – 20” from 195/55 to 245/45

Yokohama AVID Ascend GT

Yokohama tyres are well-known for their durability and affordability. But AVID has taken a Grand Touring All-Season and added confidence and longevity to the mix with the Ascend series. The AVID Ascend GT model, in contrast to the other tyres on this list, is more of a three-season tyre with less emphasis on snow performance. Because of this, the tire’s profile looks more like that of GT tyres designed for trucks and SUVs than any of the other tyres here.

  • Long tread life expectancy
  • The simple and effective asymmetric tread pattern
  • Available sizes: 15” – 20” from 175/65 to 245/45

Bridgestone’s Turanza Quiettrack

Bridgestone’s Turanza tyre collection features Grand Touring layouts intended for a range of vehicles and markets. The Turanza Quiettrack tyre was created expressly as an all-season GT with a focus on driving refinement. The Turanza Quiettrack, despite being advertised as an all-season tyre, is actually more of a three-season tyre with a conventional tread pattern. However, the in-groove quiet track modifications, non-chamfered shoulders, and materials that dampen pitch sequences to assist noise reduction are exclusive to the Quiettrack.

  • Excellent noise reduction and comfort
  • Unique shoulder slots improve hydroplaning performance
  • Available sizes: 15” – 20” from 195/65 to 245/45

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II

For the Cinturato P7, Pirelli, a firm best renowned for its performance tyres, promises all-season Grand Touring performance with the brand’s legendary handling qualities. The Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II tyre was designed with efficiency and less impact on the environment in mind. Noise cancellation and all-weather performance, including improved wet handling and stopping power, are also included.

  • Slotted towards higher speed driving
  • Low weight and rolling resistance features
  • Available sizes: 16” – 20” from 195/55 to 245/45

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Grand Touring All-Season tyres have long relied on Goodyear’s Assurance WeatherReady series of tyres. The most recent iteration of the tyre uses a soy-based composition that is environmentally friendly and works well to achieve all-weather performance. The Assurance WeatherReady line earns a podium slot here despite being a little louder and shorter-lived than others due to its overall superior performance.

  • Unique Zigzag Biting Edges provide good ice and snow performance
  • Blades and grooves give high levels of grip in most conditions
  • Available sizes: 15” – 20” from 195/65 to 255/55

Firestone WeatherGrip

The WeatherGrip series of tyres has been around for a long time, and they are Firestone’s attempt at a more general-purpose goal. This Grand Touring choice from Firestone is the company’s most well-known and has earned a reputation for excellent performance in all types of conditions. The rounded sole makes it simple to break through stagnant water, and the little chamfer on the edges improves traction on ice. The center stripes’ wide channels for moving snow and water away from gripping surfaces are designed specifically with road comfort and all-weather grip in mind.

  • Long life and true all-weather usage
  • Well-known and understood tire
  • Available sizes: 15” – 19” from 195/60 to 235/55

Hankook Kinergy GT HRS Writers Pick and Honorable Mention

Drivers who value performance will be familiar with the name Hankook. There are several excellent options among the tyres that won our prizes, but none are as genuinely performance-oriented as the Hankook Kinergy GT HRS. Drivers of sports cars, sport coupes, and convertibles will appreciate the feel and fantastic all-season option that these Hankooks offer.

  • Performance-oriented for sport driving
  • All-season to light snow application
  • Available sizes: 17” – 18” from 205/55 to 225/60

What Are Car/Sedan Tires?

Tires for a sedan, station wagon, coupe, or convertible are designed for cars that are roughly that size and weight. Unlike a crossover, SUV, minivan, or pickup truck, cars and sedans require tyres made for vehicles of lighter weight and with the particular weight distribution seen in cars.

Because a car is lower to the ground with a lower center of gravity, it puts different forces on a tyre than does a higher vehicle like an SUV. This means the tire’s composition needs to be modified to handle the difference in physics.

The standard wheel diameter for a car is anywhere between 15 and 20 inches. Each tyre has a unique “hole” in the center to fit a specific wheel size. Tire widths vary, with most cars having 195 to 225 millimeter sections (tread widths) (tread widths). Tire height is a proportion of tyre width and varies from vehicle to vehicle. The average height is between 55 and 80 millimeters.

Most automotive tyres are aimed toward the Grand Touring goal of ride comfort and long tread life.

When To Buy Tires for Your Car/Sedan?

Wear and tear, time, and road hazards are the three things that can destroy tyres everywhere. The first two are entirely within your hands as the car’s owner. a third? So that’s why we get spares.

All tyres experience tread wear with use. Some of it is left behind as the rubber strikes the road. The tire’s tread finally becomes so thin and useless due to this gradual deterioration. Our daily roads differ in the surface due to materials utilized, maintenance (or lack thereof), and weather, as opposed to completely dry and meticulously paved drag strips where nearly treadless tyres are fantastic. Therefore, having little to no tread is not healthy for us commoners.

There are a plethora of “rules of thumb” that may be used, making determining how much tread life is remaining on a tyre a fun cultural mythology exercise. You will receive four responses if you ask five mechanics how to calculate tread life. If you have to ask, the fifth will likely inform you that you simply need new tyres. That is sage advice.

The most well-known and popular technique is to insert a penny. This approach was excellent throughout the 1960s and 1970s. You need new tread if Lincoln’s hair is showing, he said. Today, though, that is less true. Indicators for tread depth are now present in almost all tyres. The tyres get worn out when they are almost directly in contact with the road’s surface.

What is the Cost of Car/Sedan Tires?

The standard wheel size for a sedan is 18 inches. Tire costs for this wheel size can be found for as little as $106. Replacement tyres for most vehicles cost around $140 each.

When You Should Replace Your Car/Sedan Tires?

Wear, time and road dangers are the three factors that have an impact on car tyres, as was previously discussed. The normal sign that new tyres are needed is the wear on a vehicle’s tyres, which occurs with use. Yet another factor is time.

The replacement criteria will be focused on time for vehicles that travel fewer miles between sets of tyres. The typical shelf life or use life of an automobile tyre is five years. This is indicated by a tiny DOT stamp that is required on all tyres sold in the United States. The last set of the three sets of four numbers on the stamp indicates the week and year the tyre was manufactured. After that date, the tire’s lifespan is five years.

A tyre manufactured the week of January 31st, 2021 has a DOT sequence ending in 0521. Therefore, it would cease to exist in the fifth week of 2026 (February 1).

The tire’s composition and the compounds employed to shield it from the elements determine the expiration date. specifically the UV rays of the sun. These protecting elements deteriorate with time and exposure, exposing the tyre to drying and cracking that will eventually cause failure.


What are the best tires to buy for your car?

The criteria we used to compile the list above apply to the vast majority of sedan and automobile owners in need of tyres. The top picks in each group were used to determine the rankings.

How do I find the right tires for my car?

Tire installation and purchase options for automobiles are numerous. Online shopping is a fantastic thing since it gives you more time to explore around and get the best deal. However, neighborhood stores frequently hold sales events that can be a fantastic resource.

Which tires are best for all-season?

The Michelin and Yokohama choices here are both high-quality, genuine all-weather tyres rated for minimal snow.

Which tire brands to avoid?

Avoid “knockoff” or off-market brands. These are frequently less expensive but have shorter tread lives, worse damage resistance, and longer stopping distances as a result.

Where is the best place to replace tires?

It’s preferable to have them replaced at a business that specializes in tyres and wheels, but any skilled technician with the proper equipment should be able to get the job done. To ensure proper operation and the validity of any applicable warranties, we advise having the installation performed exclusively by licensed technicians from reputable businesses.

Where can I find the best deals on new tires?

Numerous internet merchants, including SimpleTire, frequently discount and have fantastic bargains on tyres. To further assist you in understanding what you are purchasing, their websites also include price estimators and tyre fit recommendations.

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