December 4, 2022
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Let’s be honest. Saving money is a desire shared by all. Everyone’s first objective is saving money, regardless of their level of wealth or lifestyle. But when it comes to tyres, individuals typically believe they won’t be able to get a better deal. Well, it’s possible that it was accurate in the past. But that isn’t the case right now.

Car owners today have a wide range of options. Tire shops can be found almost anywhere. Tyres can be purchased online in the UAE and other nations in addition to physical outlets. That is how far we have come in terms of e-commerce and client happiness.

We will demonstrate how to cut costs on tyres in this blog post. That’s accurate. If you know where to look in the modern world, you can get amazing bargains and offers. That’s exactly what we’re going to explain to you in this blog post. Please pay close attention to what we have to say.

1. Go for Quality not Price

Think of an illustration. In the UAE, you are looking around for the best Toyota Land Cruiser tyres. You find a set of Michelin tyres that typically sell for AED 225 each. It is being offered by the shop owner for AED 105. Right, the offer appears too good to be true. The reply is that it is simply too wonderful to be true. Tyres that are fake can be found all over the world. We’ve already talked about how to spot a fake or imitation tyre. As a result, read that article to prevent fraud.

2. Play it Smart

Don’t buy cheap tyres. You might believe that buying affordable tyres for your car will result in financial savings. However, it is never the case. Cheaper tyres are not as durable as more expensive ones. As a result, you will need to replace them much more frequently than with high-quality tyres from reputable manufacturers.

3. Check the Air Pressure

Make it a routine to check the tyre pressure. Technology for tracking tyre pressure is included in the majority of contemporary cars. You may always get a pressure gauge to check the pressure if your car isn’t. Keep in mind that having overinflated or underinflated tyres can be quite dangerous. Therefore, make sure that the tyre pressure is within the range suggested in the owner’s manual for your car.

4. Shop Around

Make multiple shop visits while purchasing tyres. In another store, you can find identical tyres for less money. When you locate a great price, request more discounts. You can get the finest value possible by haggling just a little. Make the sale once you believe the salesman has stated their lowest price.

5. Go Online

Why do most people favour online shopping? In addition to simplicity and convenience, the cost is the main factor. You can simply discover deals and other discounts when buying online. For instance, PitStopArabia provides a special offers page with the most recent, hot deals that are updated frequently. As the discounts are only valid for a short time, you can save money if you act quickly.

6. Check for Damages

There are some tyre damages that are easily fixable. However, until it is too late, many are ignorant of the damage. The tyre is beyond repair at that time. The sole remaining choice is to purchase a new tyre. As a result, we advise routinely inspecting for damage. This can assist you in identifying the damage prior to it being too late.

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