Different tyre kinds, including run-flats, have been highlighted in a few of our earlier articles. If you remember, following a complete air pressure loss, run-flat tyres allow you to travel up to 100 km at speeds of 70 km/h. They are designed to let the driver get to a secure location where they can change their tyre or have the damaged one fixed. In addition to run-flats, airless tyres are also available.

What distinguishes airless tyres from run-flat tyres? Since there is no air inside airless tyres, they are immune to punctures. Run-flats, on the other hand, are susceptible to punctures but can still travel a certain distance afterwards. Airless tyres aren’t offered for regular cars, though. They can only currently operate small vehicles like lawnmowers and golf cars.

We now present to you an intriguing new tyre. Imagine that your passenger’s all-season tyres are indestructible (almost). That’s exactly what Nokian Tires is providing. To learn more about this enigmatic tire’s features, keep reading. Let’s quickly review one of the earlier articles, SIMPLE WAYS TO REMOVE WATER SPOTS FROM YOUR CAR, first.


If you’re not careful, watermarks can be difficult to remove and can destroy a car’s appearance. The many kinds of water spots and how to get rid of them were covered in the article. Even if there are many treatments, prevention is still the best course of action. Remember, there won’t be any water stains if you used a ceramic coat or another paint protection method. The majority of paint protection alternatives are hydrophobic, which explains why.


The One is a symbol of reliability, toughness, and sustainability. The tyres are made to provide exceptional traction in all kinds of road conditions, which is important for safety. The usage of the same fibre found in bulletproof tyres is the distinguishing quality in terms of durability. Does it render the tyres impervious to bullets? Well, that’s not a failure either, so no. Instead, employing the same fibre will give the tyre more strength.

The tyres are therefore resistant to road dangers like potholes. Given that the majority of tyre manufacturers only provide a warranty of 80,000 km or a maximum of 100,000 km, Nokian’s offer of 130,000 km is impressive. The tyres’ reduced rolling resistance and use of environmentally friendly materials reduce fuel consumption from a sustainability perspective.

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