December 3, 2022
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This most recent instalment in our tyre comparison series. We have chosen to review Yokohama and Kumho tyres in this article. In contrast to the customary comparison of four tyres, we will just compare two tyres in this blog post. You must read guide about tow truck in san jose.


The all-season highway tyre is the Yokohama G051. For small to large CUVs and SUVs, it is perfect. Long-term use of the tyres on off-road surfaces is not intended. So, if you frequently drive your SUV through dirt or mountains, think about getting a different set of tyres. The G051 offers a host of advantages for regular driving.

First, the tire’s composition and design prevent unequal wear. Consequently, the tyres offer fantastic value for the money. Their grip on damp surfaces is another fantastic quality about them. The tread is made to be waterproof, preventing water from collecting underneath it. Hazards like hydroplaning, which is believed to be the root of serious accidents, are avoided.

In addition, the G051 has rounded shoulders and cross grooves. These two are in charge of guaranteeing cornering stability and quick stopping distances. The only aspect of these tyres that we dislike is their comfort and traction in deep snow. The tyres, in the opinion of PitStopArabia and many consumers, ought to have been noisier.

The Kumho Road Venture AT51, in contrast to the G051, enables you to explore any terrain without worrying about losing traction or sacrificing performance. The AT51 provides the ideal mix of on- and off-road use. The dual silica compound used in the construction of the AT51 makes it resistant to harm from jutting pebbles and other off-road-related hazards.

As a result, the dual silica compound significantly contributes to the tire’s increased durability. However, Kumho also gave the AT51 a plethora of other features. The tyre has built-in full-depth stepped circumferential grooves that improve traction in sand-like uneven conditions.

The variable pitch nature of the symmetric tread pattern aids in reducing noise levels. The tread composition is also heat resistant. By doing this, early wear and tear are avoided. Last but not least, the tyre can be used in harsh weather situations including deep muck and snow. The Kumho AT51 tyre is ideal all around.


Finding anything wrong with the Kumho AT51 is challenging. It significantly outperforms the G051 in a number of areas. For instance, as compared to the G051, the AT51 is incredibly quiet. It is a concept that has the support of customers as well. Similar to how the AT51 enables you to explore any terrain, the G051 is not intended for prolonged off-road use. AT51 is the overall victor as a result.

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